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Do you have a dream to receive something you've been longing for that has been elusive for years?

You have been doing everything “right.” You do daily affirmations in the present tense, spoken positively.

You feel it in your body like it’s already “here.”

You let your friends know what you want to attract so they can help you call in that partner, that job, that contact.

You have watched The Secret about 40 times.

And yet.

What you have been trying to call in is still not in your hands.

I hear you. I understand that pain.


I, too, had been struggling for years to call in more financial abundance and have enough for more than just basic living expenses every month. I wanted to be able to do things like travel, which I had been putting off year after year.

Everything shifted in my life when I found the seven manifestation attraction tools in my own life.

Although familiar with some of them before, they came to me one by one, in the order you will find them. I would see something in my world for awhile, until


it really grabbed my attention that it was something I was supposed to pay attention to.

And then another would show up and also grabbed my attention until I noted it. For example, I would see the reminders of the importance of “Receiving” everywhere - in a blog post, or the word on a license plate on a car in front of me at a light, or


someone would share that she was getting better at receiving in life and that was healing for her.

Eventually I realized I was somehow getting “tools” for an Abundance Circle.


They came to me in an order that made perfect sense, as they all build on the other. I then shared them with my private psychotherapy clients and then, later, created a small group Abundance Circle that brought all these tools together in a shared, sacred space.

That’s when the

Shift Hit the Fan”!

It was an awesome experience to be in Catherine’s Abundance Circle. After years of wanting to attract a life partner, my boyfriend and I met while I was in Catherine’s group! This was what I had wanted to attract after years of trying.


Our story is in her book, "Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way!” I highly recommend this group to anyone trying to make significant changes in their life. The tools really work!


Each of the tools builds upon the other, and requires you to do both the inner (interpersonal) and outer (“real world” work) of attracting what it is you want and deserve to have in your life, whether that is financial freedom and abundance, a romantic partner, a feeling of peace and well-being, or finishing a project that you’ve been stuck on or stalled, this course can support you.


Whatever it is for you – if you have been dreaming of having it this long, you certainly deserve to have it!

The dreams you have inside of you are there for a reason and long to be expressed.

You are worthy of receiving what your soul has been yearning for, and the Seven Life-Changing Attraction Tools of the Abundance Circle will help you get there. 

Both the 8-Session Abundance Circle Groups and the 4-Session Abundance Circle Courses Focus On:

  • Getting crystal clear on your point of desire

  • Mapping out the work to get it done 

  • Learning to be a better receiver (most of us stink at it, you know!)

  • Uncovering -and healing- your unconscious blocks to having what it is you want

  • Learning how to watch your self-talk. Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk.

  • How to come from Love instead of fear

Image by Katherine Chase

The four-session Abundance Circle classes are for the person who is interested in a deep-dive into the seven attraction tools without spending as much time as the more intimate 8-session “Process-Group” structure of the smaller, more close knit 8-session Abundance Circles groups.

The 4-session Abundance Circle classes, while also done in a warm and confidential setting have somewhat less personal sharing from the participants, with a focus on learning the value of the tools and less on what interpersonal issues the discussions of those tools bring up. There is absolutely time for questions and personal sharing, but less so than in the 8-session Abundance Circles Process Groups.

Image by Aaron Burden
blue, gray, green, and black peafowl on gray stone_edited.jpg

The 4-week class format is great for people with either some previous background with the tools, who may have previous knowledge of attraction and manifestation, or who don’t know much about it and want to focus mainly on the tools.

    The 4-session class is for you if you are simply more comfortable learning about the tools and how to use them in life (and prefer not to tap as much into the group to process questions or insights that arise from the tools). Or perhaps the fewer sessions is simply more appealing.

Catherine provided the most loving space to explore a new path of enlightenment and growth. Her beautiful way of sharing, giving and connecting the dots was just what I needed and all at the perfect time.


Nuts and Bolts of the 4- Session Abundance Circle Online Class:

  • 4-session Online Courses are taught on Zoom. Each class is 2 hours.

  • Two new tools will be given each week.

  • You'll receive:

    • Homework (that feels more like HomePLAY) after each class meeting to have you more fully able to understand and employ  the tool in your life.

    • Coming back together the following session to quickly review the tool and ways it may have shown up in your life since learning of it, then jumping into the next one!

    • The support of other like-minded journeywomen and men to support your vision and give suggestions on getting there when that feels useful to share.



    • TBA. Please contact Catherine for more information on the next 4-Session group.

  • WHERE WE WILL MEET: All sessions take place on ZOOM and can be attended from anywhere around the world.



$333 paid in full before

first session

First payment is due within a week of being accepted into the program to guarantee your spot. The second half paid by the fourth gathering.

Venmo username:


During these challenging times, I understand that not everyone may be able to pay the full tuition for the Circle. For this reason, I have made several scholarships available. If you are in a position where this is needed, please contact me to discuss options.


The Online Course size is limited to ensure ample individual time.


In order to ensure the integrity and cohesiveness of the Circle, there is an application process.

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