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"In a pond filled with self-help books, Catherine DeMonte's Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way! will be the very last frog you'll need to kiss to finally get the royal, plentiful life you so desire."


Now available in both hardcover & paperback.


the Beep! Beep! Journal!

The Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way Guided Journal is a companion journal to the book, but one does not have to have read the book to benefit from the prompts and quotes contained in the journal. The Guided Journal can stand alone or alongside and is designed to keep you focused on your desired point of attraction with prompts, space for getting creative and journalling thoughts, and with motivational quotes to support you on your journey.

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Now available in both hardcover & paperback.

Nearly everyone has something they feel would complete their life. The “One Big Thing” that feels etched in their soul with desire but sadly has been elusive, often for years.

What is the One Big Thing that has been

elusive to you?

 Perhaps you have financial abundance but long to have a partner to share your life with

Or, you are in a committed partnership, but money has always been tight, causing arguments, stress and worry in your relationship.

To long for something like being in a deeply committed partnership, but not be able to find your beloved, is heartbreaking.

To work hard at a job but still have bills piling up, or land in debt or financial stress feels sickening, even as you work diligently to be prosperous.

It’s different for everyone, but nearly everyone has something they long for in their life that feels missing. This is what happens to so many people. Why is it that for so many people life can be really great except for the thing we want most?

Visualizing and thinking positively alone will not get us what we most desire.

There are many books on the topic of manifesting, but they leave out the burning question about why we are capable of manifesting the small-ticket desires; a parking spot when we call on our parking lot angel for example, but what we deeply desire the most remains elusive. 


There is a specific thing we do when what we want to attract is extremely important to us, and that thing we do actually ends up repelling rather than attracting our desire. Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way! explains what that thing is and what to do about it.

You will undoubtedly keep this guidebook handy as a reminder of your capability to reel in your heart's desires. Who knew an easy but pertinent read would result in you feeling so empowered! You will also find yourself giving and recommending Catherine DeMonte's Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way! Seven Tools for Living Your Unstoppable Life to others. How could you not!


Beep! Beep! is a practical, grounded self-help book written with nurturing warmth and humor and rooted in my twenty-five years of clinical psychotherapy practice.

The do-able action steps will allow you to uncover the unconscious blocks that keep you stuck and then map out the exact steps required to bring your dream into reality.

This book took me on a journey of evaluating my thoughts, patterns, and beliefs about myself, plus what I want. It challenged me to revamp my thinking in order to own what I desire, and even helped me desire a better quality of life.


Save yourself years of therapy- this book cuts to the chase and is incredibly useful. "Beep! Beep!" crunches heady, abstract concepts into practical, easy to read steps. Catherine’s book is like having coffee with your best friend, if your best friend was Yoda. Or Oprah.


Hi, I'm Catherine DeMonte. I'm a licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist (LMFT), providing integral counseling in California for over 25 years. I'm also the author of Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way: Seven Tools for Living Your Unstoppable Life, and the founder of the Abundance Circle, offering workshops all over the U.S. to bring in the One Big Thing you've been longing for in your life.

Beep Beep NEWsubtitle 1650px FRONT (2).jpg

Now available in both hardcover & paperback.

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the Beep! Beep! Journal

The Beep! Beep! Guided Journal has lined pages for writing as well as blank pages for getting creative and pages with written prompts or illustrations to help you dive deeper into the places you may be holding yourself back.

This journal is meant to help you call in what has been elusive to you - the Thing or Things that your heart has been desiring to have in life that you are able to see, touch, smell, hold.

You have waited long enough.

Beep Beep Journal FRONT.jpg

Now available in both hardcover & paperback.

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Now available in both hardcover & paperback.

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