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Abundance Circles  .

Do you have a dream to receive something you've been longing for that has been elusive for years?

Are you feeling blocked around receiving and deserving?

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Do you feel held back from having the kind of abundance you desire, whether in love, well-being or financial abundance?

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You have been doing everything “right.” You do daily affirmations in the present tense, spoken positively.

You feel it in your body like it’s already “here.”

You let your friends know what you want to attract so they can help you call in that partner, that job, that contact.

You have watched The Secret about 40 times.

And yet.

What you have been trying to call in is still not in your hands.

The dreams you have inside of you are there for a reason and long to be expressed.

You are worthy of receiving what your soul has been yearning for, and the Seven Life-Changing Attraction Tools of the Abundance Circle can help you get there. 

Abundance Circles are designed for individuals looking to cultivate abundance in their life - whether in love, finance, travel, well-being or something else.

Small, intimate group sessions which meet for 1.5 hours, weekly over Zoom, with the same small group each gathering. These groups are for you if you love being part of a closer knit community and having ample space and time to process questions, challenges and insights that arise from putting the 7 Abundance tools into practice.

Private Coaching devoted solely to you and your One Big Thing. This is a great option if you prefer more privacy and complete attention. I will help you come up with viable, practical, actionable steps for calling in your specific desired outcome, whatever that is for you. You will have my guidance every step of the way.

The 7 Tools for manifesting the One Big Thing missing from your life in book form. If you prefer self-guided study, then learning the tools from my book and companion journal "Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way! Seven Tools for Powerful Creation and Living Your Unstoppable Life" may also be a great fit for you.

I think of my life in terms of Pre-Abundance Circle and Post-Abundance Circle. This is because before the Abundance Circle I was struggling with how to grow my work and help more people. During the Abundance Circle, with the support of Catherine and the group, I developed an online school, a blog and podcast. All of these platforms today reach (and help) more people than I could have possibly dreamed of. All of these offerings also have helped grow my private coaching practice. Catherine’s innate skill in helping people unearth their own talents and creativity led to my creating these offerings for the world.

K.P Life Coach

get clear on your vision and what you are desiring to call in.

How do the Abundance Circles Work?

Groups begin with getting crystal clear on your vision and what you are desiring to call in.


Then you’ll speak that vision to the others in the small group so they can hold it with and for you. 

Then we will work on what stories or faulty beliefs have been holding you back and slay those.


You will learn tools for replacing your limiting self-talk and messages with healthy, powerful and positive ones, and be assigned “outer” work to bring your intended point of desire in.

You will also learn what your unconscious blocks are which have been preventing you from receiving what you desire.


We’ll take a look at Shadow material.


When we know the traits we pushed down into our Shadow because we were taught they were somehow “bad” (for example, being a leader, confident, strong, open, too “loud”/too “quiet”, not enough/too much, etc.) and bring them to our awareness to embrace the good qualities of these traits, we often find them to be our strongest, most positive trait!

The Seven Life-Changing Attraction Tools are the Secret Sauce that breathe into life what it is you have been dreaming of having.


If it’s in your heart, you deserve to have it.


Think of your desire as having been planted in your soul when you were born. It is your birthright to have what it is that lights you up.


You just haven’t been able to call it in. Yet.

I am excited to see you receive what it is you desire:


a partner, more financial abundance, attracting more clients, sharing your gifts with the world, more peace and well being, writing your book, starting that business, doing your art … whatever it is for you.

These are the kinds of things that are birthed from the Abundance Circles.

Abundance Circles are for manifesting the One Big Thing your heart has been longing to attract but has been elusive.

Let’s together, find where you are stuck and help get you get past the blocks in your way so that you can manifest what has been in your heart for so long.

Catherine mixes a Personal Coach's methodical steps with a Therapist's understanding of depth and internal blockages for a powerful One Two punch in attracting what you want for your life. Visualizing and being positive alone won’t get you that. But these Seven Tools WILL.


Working with Catherine has been life changing.


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