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Your Journey to a lifetime of Abundance begins here 

Is there something you've been longing for that has been elusive for years?

Do you feel held back from having the kind of abundance you desire, whether in love, well-being or financial abundance?

Are you feeling blocked around receiving and deserving?

The dreams you have inside of you are there for a reason and long to be expressed.

You are worthy of receiving what your soul has been yearning for,

and the Seven Attraction Tools of the Abundance Circle can help you get there.

Abundance Circle Groups are eight, small group sessions designed for individuals looking to cultivate abundance in their life - whether in love, finance, travel or well-being.
Each session meets once a week on Zoom for 1.5 hours,  with the same small group each gathering. 

In order to keep us all healthy and safe during these times, all Abundance Circles are now held via Zoom and open to participants all over the world!

When you have a deep desire within your soul and can't find a way to live it, it is soul-crushing. 

Truth be told, when I joined Catherine’s circle, I wasn’t sure if the Abundance Circle Attractions Tools would work for me. I was recently divorced and living a meager paycheck to paycheck bartending and teaching a few private yoga students. I eventually had to sell all of my belongings and was couch surfing. What I wanted most was to teach yoga and travel to foreign countries, but I felt stuck in my life in Los Angeles. I couldn’t see a way out of my situation. I couldn’t see how to get what I deeply desired. I thought that if I could find a job, any job, I could save enough, and then “maybe” I could finally travel and live abroad. That would take years at the rate I was going.


But soon after the eight Abundance Circle sessions were over, I found out about a position at a retreat center on the beach in Costa Rica where I could use my skill set! I applied for the job and got it. Now I live in Costa Rica, have a bartending  job and a yoga instructor position at the same resort, plus I receive free room and board and time to explore the island. This was all I had wanted to attract and more!


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The 8-Session Abundance Circle Groups are purposefully kept to a small number of students to insure intimacy and personal attention.


The course is a powerful way to call in what it is your heart has been longing for (maybe for years). 

In Catherine’s Abundance Circle, I realized that I don’t always have to ‘go it alone’. Before I came to the circle, I wasn't struggling with any one thing, but after many years of being by myself, I was feeling called to find a partner to share my life with. I decided that this was what I wanted to attract when I joined Catherine's circle. Five weeks into our circle, I met my life partner, who I am now married to! I can't thank Catherine enough for sharing her tools to help me call in what I was desiring in my life.


As a psychotherapist in private practice for over 25 years, I have seen many clients absolutely well deserving of having the thing their heart desired. They had done everything "right" to have it show up and yet it was elusive to them -- sometimes for many, many years. Whether it was love and committed partnership, financial abundance, more peace, international travel … whatever it was for them, it remained outside of their life.

They had done all of the "real world" work to make it happen, as well as worked hard on their inner life to bring in what they desired. But it hadn’t shown up for them, which was baffling and frustrating. 

After working together for awhile, I began to witness powerful, beautiful shifts in my private practice clients’ lives. They were finally attracting what they most desired. 
Sometimes that was meeting their life-partner when what they deeply desired was a long-term, committed relationship after a long time without finding “The One.” Other times people’s dire money story completely shifted when they got raises, new jobs, or money from avenues that they hadn’t seen before, thereby making their financial situation far more comfortable. Money for them began to flow in with more ease.

For one woman post-breakup, life in Southern California no longer felt like home. It had too many painful reminders and her work was bringing her no joy. She wanted a fresh start in a new city. When asked where she would live if she could go anywhere, she said to San Francisco near her brother. She used the tools we discussed in her therapy sessions to create the inner and outer shifts to make that happen. 

After a short period of focusing on her goal, the company she worked for approached her with an offer. There was a job opening and they wondered if she’d be interested. It would involve a move to a branch in another city. 
The branch was in San Francisco!

There are so many examples, so many stories of men and women calling in exactly what they deeply desired for themselves. In each case the common denominator was speaking their desires out loud to someone, learning the tools I was providing them, applying them, and doing the necessary steps to manifest what they were working to call in. 
The idea was born to put all of the tools together that I’d been using with my private clients and create a Circle, which I knew could manifesting happen more quickly. Considering all that was happening for my private clients, I felt it appropriate to call the group the “Abundance Circle”.

Speaking what you wish to attract out loud in a group instead of silently alone, makes it more powerful. And, as part of the Abundance Circle, your desires will be held up by other supportive kindred souls, making them exponentially more likely to happen.

I am proof these tools work! I had wanted to visit my daughter and grandchildren in Hawaii when I was in one of Catherine’s Abundance Circles, but that looked like it was going to be impossible for financial reasons. (Trying to somehow gather enough money to go there for a short visit was the reason I joined a Circle in the first place.) But shortly after the last session of the Circle, my husband was offered a job in Honolulu, the very city my daughter moved to! I attribute many of my wonderful life-changing manifestations to Catherine. I still can’t believe I live in Hawaii. It couldn’t have happened without the guidance and love from Catherine.



Both the 8-week Abundance Circle Groups and the 4-week Abundance Circle Classes Focus On:

  • Getting crystal clear on your point of desire

  • Mapping out the work to get it done 

  • Learning to be a better receiver (most of us stink at it, you know!)

  • Uncovering -and healing- your unconscious blocks to having what it is you want

  • Learning how to watch your self-talk. Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk.

  • How to come from Love instead of fear

In the 8-Session Groups, you receive more Community

All this, plus you're a part of a community of like-minded souls on a similar path, all supporting and receiving support in calling in what it is your heart has longed for as well.


Sharing your dream and vision out loud is different than writing it privately and silently in your journal at home.


Speaking it out loud makes it real in the world. You become accountable for it.


You have others supporting your vision. Your small group community will keep your momentum going. 

Here’s what you can expect from an 8-Session Abundance Circle Group:

  • A safe and supportive group of like-minded people

  • New, practical tools for cultivating abundance introduced and explained at each session with time for group discussion to gain greater clarity

  • An in-depth look at shadow material that is likely blocking you from receiving what you desire

  • Group support as we mine your dark caves in order to reach your shining peaks

  • Assignments after each session to integrate each tool for greater clarity and create the habit of using them. Habitually using the seven tools is how shifts happen. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Eight weekly 90 minute small group sessions over Zoom and accessible from anywhere in the world

  • One new tool is given each week except for Shadow Work, which we will be discussing for two sessions.

  • You will receive:

    • Homework (that feels more like HomePLAY) after each class meeting to have you more fully able to understand and employ the tool in your life

    • The support of other like-minded journeywomen and men to support your vision and give suggestions on getting there when that feels useful to share. Often classmates hold their fellow classmates in their hearts and thoughts between sessions. This organic and loving holding of each other’s dreams makes manifesting them exponentially more powerful.

    • Access to a private Abundance Circle Facebook group for past and present members only, where you can ask questions, get support, and read inspirational stories and post

    • Email contact with your own group so you can get as much support as you want. Many members often do social things together between circles.

The When & Where:

Two new 8-Session groups begins in 2023. Both run weekly on Zoom for eight weekly meetings. Pick one only please.

Our next 8-session groups begin Tuesday, March 14th

6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

1st payment due by March 12th. 


Late Spring 2023 group dates TBA.

Our 4-session group begins Thursday, May 11th

5:00pm - 7:00pm PST


1st payment due by May 9th.

Don’t see a time or day of the week that works for you? Contact me here to discuss alternative possibilities, or email me at  

Don’t see a time or day of the week that works for you? Contact me here to discuss alternative possibilities, or email me at  


$800 paid in full before

first session

Or two

payments of


First payment is due within a week of being accepted into the program to guarantee your spot. The second half paid by the fourth gathering.

Venmo username:


During these challenging times, I understand that not everyone may be able to pay the full tuition for the Circle. For this reason, I have made several scholarships available. If you are in a position where this is needed, please contact me to discuss options.

I joined a round of Catherine's Abundance Circle and it was an awesome experience. When I joined, I wanted to attract a life partner and start a new business. While I was in the Circle, my boyfriend and I met! I also started a new business!! My story is now in Catherine’s book! I highly recommend this Circle to anyone trying to make significant changes in their life. The Abundance Circle Attraction Tools really work!


Ready to Go?

These Circles fill quickly, and are by application only to ensure each participant is a good fit for the Circle.

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