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Catherine DeMonte



Hi, I'm Catherine DeMonte. I'm a licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist (LMFT), providing integral counseling in California for over 25 years. I'm also the author of "Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way: Seven Tools for Living Your Unstoppable Life," and the founder of the Abundance Circle, offering workshops all over the U.S. to bring in the One Big Thing you've been longing for in your life.

Catherine is an empathetic listener and always makes me feel heard and understood. She can cut to the heart of matters with warmth and concern. I always learn something new about myself every session.


 Catherine's Areas of Expertise:

Abundance Circles:

Abundance Circles are designed for individuals looking to cultivate abundance in their life - whether in love, finance, travel or well-being.
They are offered in three different formats (plus two books) to suit a range of learning styles and preferences:

  • The 8-Session Abundance Circle Processing Groups are small, intimate group sessions which meet for 1.5 hours, weekly over Zoom, with the same small group each gathering. These groups are for you if you love being part of a closer knit community and having ample space and time to process questions, challenges and insights that arise from putting the 7 Abundance tools into practice.


  • The 4-Session Abundance Circle Classes are larger, somewhat less intimate group classes which meet for 2 hours, weekly over Zoom. These classes are for you if you prefer to focus mainly on learning the tools without as much emphasis on tapping into the power of the group to process questions that arise from applying the tools.

  • One on One Manifestation Coaching is a great option if you prefer more privacy and complete attention. I will help you come up with viable, practical, actionable steps for calling in your specific desired outcome, whatever that is for you. You will have my guidance every step of the way.

Catherine is compassionate, insightful, pragmatic, and lovely. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve themselves or their relationships!


I saw Catherine for individual therapy and in a few sessions I was happier, calmer, and feeling more purposeful in my life. She is empathic, warm and wise. I have read all the self-help books and gone to therapists in the past but no one else and nothing else worked as well as seeing Catherine. Simply put, she is the best.


Helping people find peace in their relationships and meaning in their lives is what my work is about.


Let's get to know each other

Feel free to reach out for a complimentary 15 minute phone call so we can get to know each other and to see if I feel like the right fit for you.

The easiest way to set up our call is to send me an email or leave a voicemail message and let me know the best times to reach you. I typically return messages within 24 hours.

During our live call, I can answer questions you may have about working together.

(Using the button below will take you straight to my voicemail)

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