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The following are testimonials from recent past clients and used with permission. Their names are not used for confidentiality reasons.

"After a few sessions with Catherine, I notice a lot less friction in my life with colleagues, friends and family.  People noticed a positive change in me right away. When they ask what my "Secret" is, I tell them, "It's all because of Catherine."

"My husband and I saw Catherine for couples counseling.  Seeing her saved our marriage.  We went from constantly arguing and being hurt to being in a close and committed relationship.  We are closer now than we have ever been.  She does not take "sides".  She is on the "side" of  the relationship.   We learned to see our own parts and take responsibility for our actions and not blame each other.  We treat each other better and more importantly, understand each other better. We actually looked forward to our sessions with Catherine.  She's got a gift for this!"
R. A.

"I saw Catherine for individual therapy and in a few sessions I was happier, calmer, and feeling more purposeful in my life. She is empathic, warm and wise. I have read all the self-help books and gone to therapists in the past but no one else and nothing else worked as well as seeing Catherine.  Simply put, she is the best."

I can't say enough good things about Catherine DeMonte! I went to her when I was going through an extremely rough time in my life and marriage. I am on the other side now and am a much better person because of her guidance and strength. I felt safe with her. She never judged me, my actions, or the choices I had made. From the moment I met her I knew I was in the right place. She is so warm, so compassionate, and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!  Jane L .


"Her insights are spot-on!  I would never go to anyone else at this point.  I recommend her to everyone I know".  


Catherine quickly became one of my favorite people of all time. She is genuine, talented, kind, caring, intuitive, sincere and has a REAL positive outlook on life. She listens! I always leave her office feeling better about myself and my future. I never feel judged, put-down or otherwise looked down on. I've been in and out of therapy over the past 30 years and have made a lot of progress in my own personal development but my work with Catherine moved quicker than any other. I have a new understanding of myself and others. Finally, I love my Mom and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world but honestly, I envy Catherine's children. How wonderful it must be to have a Mom like that. She is my angel on earth. -r.w.


"Catherine helps her clients hear and embrace those voices contained deep within themselves that act as highly qualified travel guides in the unfolding of an authentic life.  In working with Catherine, I connected more readily, more deeply and more fully to my life's work and passions. Catherine is warm, nurturing, compassionate and has a gentle confidence about her. She emphatically reflects the brilliance of a person's deep self, assisting them in working more productively with aspects of themselves they may find challenging."

"I took my daughter to see Catherine for play therapy and she helped her solve her school phobia issue.  She adored Catherine.  Her sessions were on Tuesdays.  She called Tuesdays "Catherine Days"!  That said it all!  

"She taught me to make decisions based on love, not fear.  Her work changed my life.  I think of her when I feel "stuck" and it gives me clarity.  I think of the things she used to say and her words still help me in my life long after our time together.  I will be forever grateful for the skills she taught me."