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Podcast Interviews with Catherine

From "Your Anxiety Toolbox" with Kimberley Quinlan, LMFT. 

Making choices from Love and not Fear, plus other handy tools for life were the topics in the conversation that friend, Abundance Circle graduate and fellow psychotherapist Kimberley Quinlan, CBT School and I discussed on her INCREDIBLE Podcast, "Your Anxiety Toolkit". Please take a listen - leave your comments or questions below.

Kimberley wrote, "Today we have someone who is very dear to my heart: Catherine DeMonte.

Over a year ago, I had the privilege of joining a women’s group called an Abundance Group, run by Marriage and Family Therapist, Catherine DeMonte. Catherine was so inspiring to me and gave me some of the tools I needed to get me inspired and motivated to create CBTschool.com. That’s right you guys! Catherine was one of the people who stood next to me as I cultivated the seed of CBTschool.com. For that, I am forever grateful."

Kimberley is also the creator of "CBT School (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) as well as an anxiety and OCD specialist. She is as wise as she is compassionate, and I am proud to have been on her show.

Please check out her blog and other Podcasts (AS WELL AS THIS ONE!! ;-) ).