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Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way!

I am so excited to introduce BEEP! BEEP! GET OUT OF MY WAY! Seven Tools for Living Your Unstoppable Life.


Nearly everyone has something they feel would complete their life. The “One Big Thing” that feels etched with desire in their soul—but has been elusive, often for years.

What is the One Big Thing that has been elusive to you? Perhaps you have financial abundance but long to have a partner to share your life with. Or, you are in a committed partnership but money has always been tight—causing arguments, stress and worry in your life. It could be travel, a successful career, or a home in the woods. It’s different for everyone but nearly everyone has something—the thing—they obsess about having. 

To long for something like being in a deeply committed partnership but not be able to find your beloved is heartbreaking. To work hard at a job but still have bills piling up or land in financial stress or debt feels sickening, even as you work diligently to be prosperous.

Yet this is what happens to so many people. Why? Why is it that for so many people life can be pretty darn great except for the thing we want most? Visualizing and thinking positively alone will not get us what we most desire. There are many books on the topic of manifesting, but they leave out the burning question about why we are capable of manifesting the small-ticket desires - parking spaces, for example - but the “One Big Thing” we desire most remains fleeting.

There is a specific thing we do when what we want to attract is extremely important to us—and that thing actually ends up repelling rather than attracting our desire. "Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way!" explains why that's so and what to do about it. This book provides tools that transform unhealed wounds and unconscious, limiting stories that block our desires from coming in. With this healing work, you will address your shadow material and replace unconscious beliefs by using these seven tools in a specific order. This is the formula which creates transformational shifts, allowing abundance and grace in to create lasting change.

The book highlights dozens of stories of clients who have manifested exactly what had been missing for them—down to minute detail—even when circumstances made it seem impossible. The tools have been highly effective in helping people manifest their “One Big Thing” because they are about doing the real work to make change happen. 

Based on the seven transformative tools from the Abundance Circle groups in Los Angeles, this is a practical, spiritual, self-help book written with nurturing warmth and humor and grounded in Catherine DeMonte’s 25 years of clinical psychotherapy practice. Her do-able action steps help you uncover the unconscious blocks that keep you stuck and then map out the exact steps required to bring your dream into reality.